Overseas warehouse special line

Australia overseas warehouse

Service Introduction

HKD (AU) expands overseas warehouse business, and provides one-stop service of warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery and other projects for enterprises, platform or self-built station sellers. The self-developed warehouse management system has been docked with the mainstream ERP in China. Combining with the local logistics characteristics of Australia, optimizing pipelines, and giving a cost-effective last-mile delivery plan, we ensure that every package can reach the end buyer safely, accurately, timely, and at low cost.

Business Segments

International Direct Mail PacketInternational direct mail parcels provide virtual overseas warehouse services for e-commerce platform customers, independent dedicated line transportation, domestic multi-port shipments, multi-port customs clearance in destination countries, and same-day access to the Internet, and the peak season time is stable.
FBA businessHKD (AU) is the transit warehouse of FBA, and it is the official designated delivery logistics provider of FBA warehouse.
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End delivery channel

HKD (AU) works closely with local logistics in Australia and has become a strategic partner in AU POST, TOLL, and FASTWAY

1. Carton packaging must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to ensure transportation safety;

2. FASTWAY: The weight of a single piece is ≤23 kg, and the single side is ≤1.8m. (Length * width * height does not exceed 0.4 cubic meters);

3. TOLL: no more than 1.2m on one side.

Self-appointed channels

The self-delivery network has been expanded in Sydney and Melbourne to provide personalized delivery services in accordance with the demands of customers.

Fast time service

Safe transportation service

Efficient and convenient service

Product Advantages

01 Batch ordering: support automatic import and batch printing of order information on global e-commerce platforms and mainstream ERP systems;

02 One order to the end: the corresponding Australian logistics order number will be generated after the order information is automatically imported, and the logistics information can be tracked throughout;

03 Door-to-door pickup: support door-to-door pickup services within a specified range;

04 Diversified services: Provide direct mail services for different timeliness requirements, different weight segments and different categories of goods;

05 One-stop solution: open up complex logistics links in cross-border intermodal transportation, customs declaration and clearance, and overseas distribution;

06 Customs clearance advantages: Customs supervision warehouses have been set up in Sydney and Melbourne, and they have their own professional customs clearance team.