U.S. Line

U.S. Line

Service Introduction

The US special line is an independent research and development channel of Haokunda. It is a special line service that accepts live products, is fast in time and has a favorable price for products sold in the United States. The first journey of this service utilizes abundant domestic flight resources, air freight to the United States, customs clearance in a business model, and subsequent transportation by UPS or FedEx.

Product Overview

Product NameU.S. Line
Type of goodspackage
Reference Efficiency5-7 working days
Package Weight Limit≤30kg
Shipment SizeCircumference≤419cm
Goods PropertiesGeneral goods, built-in, matching, etc. Infringing products, medicines, powders, liquids, dangerous goods, etc. are not accepted. Textile products (such as gloves, scarves, socks, clothing, twine, bibs, aprons, hammocks, pet seat covers, cushions, tents, etc.) are not accepted; leather products (such as leather shoes, leather bags, leather clothes, etc.) are not accepted ) If the product does not meet the local customs clearance requirements in Japan, the declaration does not meet, the customs seizure and other problems will be borne by the customer
Package Sticker Requirements1. Carton packaging must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to ensure transportation safety;
2. The face sheet must use 10*15 thermal label paper.
3. Standards for pasting the face slip, do not stick the face slip on the seam of the box, and fix the bar code with transparent tape to avoid damage to the face slip and make it impossible to scan.


Ordering--booking--receiving--security check--customs declaration--take off--landing--customs clearance--transshipment--delivery--signing

Product Advantages

01First direct flight: abundant flight resources, air freight to the U.S.

02Shipping attributes: general cargo, built-in battery, supporting battery

03Stable customs clearance: commercial customs clearance model, stable customs clearance

04High-quality back-end service: After the goods arrive in the United States, they are directly delivered to UPS for delivery. The delivery time in the United States is 1-3 days, and the timeliness is stable, fast and guaranteed.

Compensation Standard

Query time limit

Haokunda must submit an application within 60 days after the shipment, and it will not be accepted after 60 days.

Claim criteria

Customers need to follow the principle of "inquire first, claim later". After our company confirms to accept the claim, they can receive compensation according to the following standards:

01If the FEDEX/UPS is lost before being picked up or confiscated at the local customs, the compensation is 40/KG, and the freight is not refunded.

02Loss after FEDEX/UPS withdrawal shall not exceed 100 USD per ticket according to the FEDEX/UIPS compensation standard;

03In the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, the company will not make any compensation.

No compensation for the following circumstances

01If the goods are not declared in accordance with the actual value, infringement of intellectual property rights, the actual product is not in conformity with the declaration, and the import is prohibited, the customs detains the goods. This situation is not within the scope of compensation, our company will assist the sender to provide customs clearance documents.

02Customs or tax fines and additional taxes due to low declared value, infringement of intellectual property rights, discrepancies between the actual products and declarations, and prohibition of imports, etc. shall be paid by the sender.