European Line

European Line

Service Introduction

Belgium customs clearance

The European Amazon FBA double tax package tax line, combined with high-quality air transport companies, customs clearance companies, and express service providers UPS, is a strong alliance to jointly create low-price, efficient and stable special line services for cross-border e-commerce. China’s major airports fly to Europe. General cargo air freight export booking, with competitive prices and space advantages. The European Amazon FBA double clearing tax package to the door dedicated channel, the whole process is controllable, and the timeliness is guaranteed

UK customs clearance

This European special line for customs clearance in the United Kingdom provides double tax package services for Amazon warehouses, business addresses, and private addresses, and provides its own VAT customs clearance services, combining high-quality air transport companies, customs clearance companies, express service providers UPS, DPD, to provide customers with security Reliable and fast dedicated line service. Years of professional international air transportation services, and accumulated rich experience in customs declaration, customs clearance and special cargo operations

Product Overview

Product NameEuropean Line
Delivery RangeFrance, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal
Type of goodspackage
Reference Efficiency3-5 working days
Package Weight Limit≤30kg
Shipment Sizelength+width+height<230cm
Goods PropertiesGeneral cargo, built-in, supporting (power does not exceed 100w·h); prohibited items such as pure electricity, liquid powder guns and ammunition are not accepted.
Declaration Requirements

1. Provide the invoice packing list declaration elements, and the declared value shall be declared according to the Amazon selling price. Provide links to Amazon products.

2. For self-owned VAT declaration, the VAT and EORI numbers must be filled in when placing the order.

3. It is strictly forbidden to underreport or underreport.

Package Sticker Requirements

1. Carton packaging must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to ensure transportation safety;

2. The face sheet must use 10*15 thermal label paper.

3. Standards for pasting the face slip, do not stick the face slip on the seam of the box, and fix the bar code with transparent tape to prevent the face slip from being damaged and unable to scan.


Ordering--booking--receiving--security check--customs declaration--take off--landing--customs clearance--transshipment--delivery--signing

Product Advantages

01 Autonomous first flight, direct flights to Belgium and the United Kingdom

02 Fast and convenient customs clearance

03 3-5 working days for the whole process

04 Full tracking: Provide complete tracking and proper delivery records

Compensation Instructions

After the end of the pickup is lost, the compensation will be based on the dpd or ups standard, and the maximum per ticket will not exceed 100 US dollars. The compensation value of the goods lost before the end pick-up is 40 per kilogram, and the weight is calculated based on the actual weight. And free shipping of corresponding weight