Canada Line

Canada Line

Service Introduction

The Canadian special line is a line specially developed by our company for domestic e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, and logistics agents to send to Canada. After the package is processed by UPS, a tracking number can be generated. After the local customs clearance is completed in Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, it will be forwarded Delivered to local UPS, with high safety, fast timeliness and preferential prices.

Product Overview

product nameCanada Line
Delivery rangeFBA address and private address
Type of goodspackage
Reference aging3-5 working days
Package weight limit≤150 pounds or 68kg
Shipment sizeLength≤108inches or 274cm
length+2*width+2*height≤165inches or 419cm
Goods propertiesGeneral cargo, built-in, supporting (power does not exceed 100w·h); prohibited items such as pure electricity, liquid powder guns and ammunition are not accepted.
Declaration requirementsThe name and declared value of the shipment must be truthfully declared.
The declared product name cannot be a major category declaration, it must be a specific product name. For example, it is not possible to declare only electronic accessories, parts, etc.
Packaging and sticker requirements1. Carton packaging must have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to ensure transportation safety;
2. The face sheet must use 10*15 thermal label paper.
3. Standards for pasting the face slip, do not stick the face slip on the seam of the box, and fix the bar code with transparent tape to avoid damage to the face slip and make it impossible to scan.


Ordering-booking-receiving-security check-customs declaration-take off-landing-customs clearance-transshipment-delivery-signing


Food(and food related items)(食品)

Beverages   (酒水,飲料)

Nutraceutical’s (vitamins, etc.)(營養品,保健品)




Prohibited goods (i.e., certain knives, cross-bows, guns, etc.)(刀,弓箭,槍)

Taxidermist products(動物皮草)

Pesticides & herbicides(除蟲劑,除草劑)

Product advantages

01 First direct flight: abundant flight resources, air freight to Canada

02 Stable customs clearance: commercial customs clearance, stable customs clearance

03 Fast aging: fast and stable aging, high sign-off rate

04 Full tracking: Provide a complete tracking track and proper delivery record

Compensation instructions

During air transportation, if the goods are lost or deducted from customs (such as product infringement or problems with the goods themselves, our company does not bear any responsibility and reserves the right to pursue the sender for compensation for our company’s losses) according to RMB40/KG. Refund of freight. As long as one of the goods with multiple shipments has UPS pickup information, the other sub-orders that have not been updated belong to the UPS update pickup problem and are not included in the compensation. This compensation plan is strictly implemented. Please read carefully before shipping .