Service Introduction

As a UPS first-level agent, Haokunda provides customers with global express services with fast timeliness and preferential prices. Upload the order, and return the tracking number after the goods are delivered to our company for operation, and you can view the entire tracking track on the UPS official website

Product Overview

product nameUPS Express
Delivery rangeGlobal, please refer to the partition table in the price list for details
Type of goodsDocuments, waterproof bags, parcels
Reference aging3-5 working days
Billing modelComparing the volume weight of the package to the actual weight, the larger one will be charged; the volume weight formula length cm*width cm*height cm/5000
Weight and size restrictionsFor shipments with the longest side> 152cm or the second longest side> 76cm; the actual weight of a single piece is> 32KG, extra long and overweight fees are required (please refer to the quotation table for overlength and overweight fees)
Additional feeUPS goods meet any of the following conditions, UPS will charge an additional handling fee according to the standard of RMB40.00/carton
1. The outer packaging is metal or wooden goods;
2. It is not completely wrapped in a carton Good cylindrical shipments, such as drums, drums or tires, etc.;
3. Shipments with the longest side longer than 152cm or the second longest side longer than 76cm;
4. A single piece is real It weighs more than 32KG.
Tariff-relatedThe customs laws and regulations of different countries are different; if the recipient refuses to pay the customs duties, the sender will bear it

Operating procedures

Ordering-booking-receiving-security check-customs declaration-take off-landing-customs clearance-transshipment-delivery-signing


Imitation brand


Prohibited aviation items such as pure electricity (mobile power)

Product advantages

01 Scope: The service covers 220 countries and regions

02 Query: Query the full package delivery information online

03Timeliness: 3-6 working days for global delivery

Tracking query

The tracking track can be accessed from the following URL:


01 When the package is cleared by the customs, the package is opened for inspection, which may cause delays in delivery, loss of the package, loss or damage of the contents (all or part) of the package, or even violation of customs clearance If the regulations are seized or destroyed by the customs, our company shall not be liable for compensation for the losses incurred;

02 If a customer’s prohibited or restricted items in the package are seized or destroyed by the customs, our company will not be liable for compensation;

03 For package loss caused by other reasons than our company, our company will assist the customer to make a claim to the corresponding responsible party and return the claim status, but the progress and results of the claim are not available to our company. Within the scope of control, our company is not responsible for possible processing delays or unsuccessful claims.