Service Introduction

Haokunda cooperates with DHL to provide express delivery services for all kinds of products sold globally, with fast timeliness and preferential prices. Upload the order, and return the tracking number after the goods are delivered to our company for operation, and you can view the entire tracking track on the DHL official website

Product Overview

Product NameDHL Express
Delivery RangeGlobal, please refer to the partition table in the price list for details
Type of goodsDocuments, waterproof bags, parcels
Reference Efficiency3-7 working days
Billing ModelComparing the volume weight of the package to the actual weight, the larger one will be charged; the volume weight formula length cm*width cm*height cm/5000
Goods PropertiesGeneral goods, some countries can send built-in batteries (one ticket for more than two built-in batteries must provide MSDS, battery voltage does not exceed 9V, power does not exceed 100W
Package Weight LimitA single piece of goods with a single side length exceeding 120CM (including 120CM) or a single piece of goods weighing more than 68KG (including 68KG) will be subject to extra-long and overweight charges (please refer to the quotation table for over-length and overweight charges)
Additional Fee

1. Surcharge for remote areas: RMB 200 per ticket;

2. Overlength and overweight fee: if the length of one side is greater than or equal to 120CM or the weight of a single piece (real weight or volume) is greater than or equal to 68KG, 350 yuan/ticket will be charged;

3. Surcharge for high-risk areas: 150RMB/ticket + fuel surcharge for the month;

4. Surcharge for restricted destinations: Non-document express mail sent to the following countries will be charged 210RMB per ticket;

5. Additional fee for address correction: RMB90/ticket;

6. Duty advance payment (DDP) handling fee: RMB135/ticket, if the shipment is required to be changed to customs advance payment (DDP) after the shipment is sent, an additional tariff advance payment handling fee of RMB85/ticket (85RMB+135RMB)/ticket will be charged. Please refer to the quotation sheet for details.

Tariff-relatedThe customs laws and regulations of different countries are different; if the recipient refuses to pay the customs duties, the sender will bear it


Deliver to Haokunda→Pass the port→DHL pick-up→Fly to the destination country→Commercial customs clearance→Delivery→Signature by the recipient


Imitation brand


Prohibited aviation items such as pure electricity (mobile power)

Product Advantages

01 High security, detailed tracking of the whole track

02 High recognition, has been recognized by buyers from all countries and regions

03 Fast and stable timeliness, delivery only takes 3-7 working days

Tracking Query

The tracking track can be accessed from the following URL:


01 The package is opened by the customs for inspection during customs clearance, which may lead to delays in delivery, loss of the package, loss or damage of the contents (in whole or in part) of the package, or even seizure or destruction by the customs due to violation of customs clearance regulations. Our company will not bear the responsibility for this. Liability for damages incurred;

02If the customer puts prohibited or restricted items in the package and is seized or destroyed by the customs, our company will not be liable for compensation;

03For the package loss caused by non-our company, our company will assist the customer to make a claim to the corresponding responsible party and feedback the claim, but the progress and result of the claim are not within our control. Our company will deal with possible delays or processing delays. No liability is assumed for the failure of the claim.